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station. high pressure, the newly recapped oil well undergoes a test. >> will it finally stop the oil flow for the first time in 85 days? >> hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala >> i'm kye jackson. >> bp's new cap on the oil leak is being pressure tested to see if it will hold. a live look underwater where they are seeing if any leaks spring up. from long beach mississippi. >> reporter: the flow of oil gushing into the gulf could be stopped within two days if bp's latest fix takes hold. >> we'll go through three exits >> it could force the flow of oil through three exits.
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engineers will close each line, if the pressure holds, it could be controlled. >> in this exercise, high pressure is good. >> reporter: they announced plans for a thousand skimmer plans on the surface by the end of july. 85 days into the disaster, the gulf residents will believe a fix when they see it >> this could be a problem for years to come >> reporter: he grew up along the mississippi shore that was wiped out by katrina and has a long way to recover. now the same shoreline is dotted with oil. >> they have to oil spill going on now, i think it has everyone depressed and just down. >> everyone is hoping that the latest attempt will bring an end of what has become a sadly
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familiar sight. >> the obama has spent the fourth bill to bp totaling 122 million have been paid. >> there's a tropical feel to the air and more rain could be on the way. outside it's warm and humid. let's go to bernadette woods tracking the first warning doppler radar >> okay. most of the storms over most of the states over most of the day. showing you doppler. along the eastern shore, a few rounds of thunderstorms and a wet day at the beach. here's the next batch. it's moving slowly but there's some rain and gusty thunderstorms putting rain underneath as they move off to the east. starting at 6:00, we have a flash flood watch that goes into effect for the counties shaded in green. that's up through the metro area and north east of that and that
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will continue through late tonight. we could get some heavy rain out of the thunderstorms. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> thank you. live first warning weather continues with alex who has a look at some of the damage left behind from monday's storms >> the rain is welcomed in maryland in the powerful storms that hit yesterday afternoon. >> damage was sporadic with trees down. thunderstorms ripped through yesterday afternoon, for those hit hardest. >> water pouring down. it was hell >> the water was running down. >> reporter: it wasn't the rain. >> you heard this big boom and it sounded like a cannon going off. but it wasn't a cannon going off, it was lightening hitting the tree and the tree falling.
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>> reporter: lines were still hot and they're urging people to treat any line as dangerous. lightning caused one house fire >> the smoke from the vent in the middle and all of a sudden the fire started and the corner and that was it >> trees and heavy limbs fell. but no reports of injuries >> as bad as it is, power went out, we are grateful that no one got hurt. >> reporter: they continue to restore power down from a high of 50 homes and businesses without electricity. >> stay with us for first-warning weather coverage. for updates and live radar, log onto any time a maryland girl injured in uganda is having surgery.
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more on the 16-year-old's situation >> reporter: she is scheduled to have an operation to fix a shattered right leg bone. she was among those in a bombing in uganda. she was with a church group. another volunteer nate is the only american fatality. chris's grandmother suffered a broken arm, she is with her in the hospital. >> they're planning a prayer service at the school wednesday. stay with us for complete coverage >> new at 5:00, talk -- we talk to the pastor of the church group a promising young athlete is laid to rest today.
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funeral for 17-year-old john patrick bedell was held today. he was killed in baltimore last weekend while walking some friends home from a party. it is the end of an era in major league baseball. george steinbrenner has died. he suffered a heart attack. a look back at his career. >> he was the boss. -- george steinbrenner ruled the new york yankees with a heavy hand . when he bought it in '73, they were bombing. he spent a fortune building his ball team he may have been born in ohio, but he became a yorker.
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>> you're not just putting a uniform on, you're wearing tradition and you're wearing pride. >> reporter: in 23 years, he changed managers 20 times backing billy martin five times while many criticized his antics, his success speaks for itself. they earned 11 pendants. the team he bought for ten million dollars is now a billion dollar empire. he was always willing to get his hands dirty and that nearly cost him the team. he was banned when he was caught paying a gambler to dig up dirt on a player >> he will have no further management in the day-to-day operations with the club >> three years later, he remained legendary. in seinfeld, he had to visit
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the officer. >> during his last years, george steinbrenner turned over control of the yankees to his two sons. >> welcome the boss, mr. george steinbrenner. >> reporter: he made an emotional return at the old yankees stadium for the last time. he cry as the crowd cheered. they loved to hate him but in the end, they represented him for the house he built >> the yankees were a fierce rival and are of the orioles. the orioles are saddened to learn of the passing of george steinbrenner as an active participating in the new york yankees. his name is synonymous with the team.
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let's check in on the roads with kristi in traffic control >> reporter: some problems on the jones falls expressway in the southbound direction, we have an accident blocking, the accident is on the shoulder but still starting to back things up significantly. some slowing as you make the approach, 37 miles per hour is the average speed. west side outer loop, we have a truck fire between 70 and baltimore national pike attracting attention and slowing traffic down. in middle river, another accident. watch out for a crash. route 40, now here's a live look, you can see west of york
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road moving along pretty well. 95 south not a bad drive in that direction. this report brought to you by bill's hardwood and laminate. thank you. and still ahead on wjz's eyewitness news today at 4:00. >> listen to what you do to me. >> trouble for mel gibson, a new audio tape filled with threats of violence. >> she just won the maryland lottery and this check is hers. >> duck boat accident, new details about the trainee of the wheel. more rain is heading our way and a flash flood watch is on the horizon. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a run aware airliner in denver two years ago could have been kept under control they said the pilot could have prevented him from leaving the runway. they had 114 people when it broke into pieces and burn. no one was killed but 6 were injured. a case of statutory rape, the line backer pled not guilty to rape and endangering a child. he's accused of having sex with a 16-year-old girl and paying her $300 for it. court papers say he believed she was 19 mel gibson's divorce
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battle, tapes filled with threats of violence against his girlfriend. much of it is disturbing >> reporter: that is how mel gibson began his rant posted online. he sounds unhinged threatening his ex-girlfriend during a phone call she recorded >> you need medication. >> she's trying to get custody of their 8-month-old daughter. she launched domestic violence. she say he punch her in the face. at one point he's so worked up,
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he's gasping for air. she drop him after another recording surfaced >> almost anybody with an ounce of compassion is offended by this man right now and no one in hollywood wants to say i'll be in business with him. >> because i don't have any friends, my career is over. >> a hard truth even gibson seems to understand. >> next the case will be turned over to the district attorney's office who will decide whether to pursue criminal charges against gibson. >> the wall street winning streak continues. the dow was up today. up 147. the nasdaq up 44. let's go to new york where we have tonight's cbs money watch update >> the financial reform bill is closer to becoming law.
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it has the 60 votes it needs to clear the senate now that bill nelson says he will vote for it. the house passed the bill last month. the legislation is designed to avoid a repeat of the crisis that pushed the economy into a recession. bp is raising money. they will sell the pipeline for $289 million. bp is testing a new cap over the oil leak and should know if it can hole back the crude. demand for imports out pace the growth of exports. more and more americans are blaming president obama for their money problems they say
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they disapprove of the economy. 3 in 4 think the effects will linger for two years or more. that's your money watch for more headlines, stay with us. >> researchers are using cutting-edge technology on some old bridges in iowa. a 3d laser scanner records every detail of the bridges of madison county and will take 360-degree pictures, it can do drawings and models. if something happens to the bridges, they can be rebuilt. very cool >> good idea. >> coming up on eyewitness news, panel vote postpone. why they want to wait a week to vote. >> more rain moving into maryland, first warning weather is tracking it. wjz is always on for the
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now, first warning weather and the first warning of severe weather. it looks nice after last night's storm. >> we're hearing more rain, anything like yesterday? >> there's a potential for something like yesterday because there's so much moisture in the area. you can feel it when you walk outside. a flash flood watch has been posted. here's how it looks now. the thunderstorms along the beaches of delaware and maryland, but this is from the west, this is the next batch of rain and thunderstorms that will affect us moving slowly to the northeast. this is what is going to move towards the region. still an hour or so off but in our direction. now where the flash flood watch is in effect. it goes into effect at 6:00. that's when we see the majority
4:23 pm
of the heavier rainfall around the region and as far as everything that is going on, this is what we saw overnight, early this morning. we had some of the thunderstorms hanging on and the eastern shore, there was a tornado warning today. that moved off to the northeast and on and off throughout the day, we seen some thunderstorms but at this point, off to the west is where we redirect our attention. not much of a wind, but what is out this is out of the south and keeping the moisture in place. the air is so thick, when this dew point which is the measure of the moisture in the air, it's a tropical feeling air mass. 86 degrees is where we sit now. 84 in hagerstown. when you factor in the high humidity, it feels like the low 90s for today, we will see a warming trend but the humidity will stick around. this storm will last into tomorrow. here it comes from the west.
4:24 pm
you can see a big batch of thunderstorms with it. behind it, there is a break. we will see one round tonight and that continues into the day tomorrow and on thursday, looks like a small break. it's going to be hot and muggy during that time. off to the northwest is the next storm system coming our way. there's a chance for a late day thunderstorm and a better chance saturday and sunday possibly as the next one makes its way through. for the forecast on the waters, winds turning around tomorrow as we get the storm to try and push eastward but before that, we have a lot to go through. flash flood watch in effect starting at 6:00. we could see heavy rain tonight and tomorrow and tapering off tomorrow evening. temperatures going back up to 90 degrees. the humidity will still be very high tomorrow. we don't want the storm, but we do need the rain.
4:25 pm
it's been so dry, try to get some good rain before we're done with the heat >> tune in for tonight's cbs prime time lineup. it's the good wife starring josh charles. that's followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. katie couric has a review of what is coming up tonight on the evening news >> reporter: how one of america's most famous national parks is making a roaring come back like you've never seen before. that's tonight on the evening news. iphone, what the consumer report is saying about the design. >> did the gator take it? >> a teen attacked by an alligator. hearing on whether the diabetes pill should stay on ,,,
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station. it is 4:28, 86 degrees and partly sunny. >> here's what people will be talking about. looking into whether a popular diabetes drug is safe for patients the fda started a hearing on avandia. the maker of the drug insists it's safe but a researcher disagrees. >> reporter: federal regulators want to know if the drug avandia can cause a heart attack. the fda opened a hearing into the matter tuesday morning. top executives used the scientific name for avandia to say it is safe. it should remain a treatment
4:30 pm
option for patients with diabetes. >> but they argue that the company is wrong >> i'm hoping to get the drug off of the market. >> this drug has harmed a lot of people, it's time to end it now. >> reporter: a panel of outside experts recommend a course of action to the fda. they could recommend anything from adding more warning labels to pulling it off of the market completely. the fda doesn't have to follow the panel's recommendations but it usually does >> follow the science wherever it leads and the rest will follow into place. >> but no matter what the government does, many patients have made their own decision. avandia sales are down since the reports have surfaced. >> last year 200 million
4:31 pm
prescriptions were filled. the duck boat crash investigation has hit a roadblock. the pilot of one of the vessels involved is refusing to talk to investigators >> reporter: the pilot of the tug boat pushing a barge has refused to meet with investigators they say that crew member invoked his 5th amendment right. the barge crashed into the tug boat throwing dozens into the water. two students were missing before their bodies were pulled from the river >> the crew of the duck boat say the distress calls to the tug received no response. an investigation lasting four years, he was found murdered in his office in september of 2006. now a 23-year-old and a
4:32 pm
35-year-old of baltimore are charged with his death. a former employee, both are facing first degree murder police are searching for a rape suspect. anthony robinson accused of forcing a woman into his car in aberdeen. he raped the woman. the woman was able to escape and called for help. if you have information on the whereabouts, you're asked to call the sheriff's office >> a shocking allegation from the mother of a baltimore teenager. she say her daughter was rape and police tried to stop her from filing a report. how the accusation adds to growing criticism against the police >> reporter: an internal investigation into an unexplained suspicious drop in rape reports. >> got her in the car, pulled down her pants and rape her. >> reporter: they claim a
4:33 pm
police detective tried to persuade her against filing a report. >> he pull me out in the hall and said this is really going to be hard on her we'll have her a lot of personal questions and ask her if she's a virgin, if she had sex with the guy she was walking with. trying to get me out of going forward. >> they've reported an 80% dog in the dog -- drop in the reports of rape case >> what steps are being take sentencing >> it's a good opportunity to evaluate the practices >> reporter: they want a full investigation into why baltimore's numbers are so different from the rest of the country. >> we need to work to get their confidence that their reports will be taken seriously.
4:34 pm
>> i want someone to find these guys. they snatched my daughter and rape her. i'm lucky she's alive. >> there's no telling how long the investigation will take. the mayor says she's deeply troubled. she is expected to be confirmed in time of the high course's next session. a new proposal to allow more maryland high school students to take advanced placement exams and earn college credits. the details of the new plan.
4:35 pm
>> maryland leads the nation in the number of public school students that score well on advance placement exams. and the number of students taking the courses has jumped 50%. the ap tests require an 86-dollar fee per subject. maryland would spend $3 million to cover the costs of the ap exams for all students. the plan would be implemented over a two-year period to prepare for an increase in enrollment >> other states such as arkansas, florida and kentucky cover the costs. consumer reports gives the thumbing down to apple's new iphone 4. they're not buying the explanation for the reception problems. apple says it appears to show a drop in signal place, but reports say that the phone
4:36 pm
appears to have reception problems and won't give the phone a rating >> there is rain on the way. it's warm and muggy and the clouds are taking over the sun. we have weather and traffic. bob has the first numbers a very juicy atmosphere. probably see some rain tonight. rain to the west, showers and storms across virginia, west virginia and western maryland, oakland getting showers and thunderstorms. this other batch across northern virginia moving towards the region. one cell i found over west of the north ocean city and that's the closest to the region. it will be moving into the maryland area this evening, so later this evening, could see some heavier rains again. >> thank you. let's check on the roads with kristi at wjz traffic control.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: hi, everyone. a couple slow spots but shouldn't take long to get through. as far as the north side goes, slowing to providence, about 33 miles per hour average. on the west side, a couple delays from baltimore national pike. about 10 minutes to get through there. 95 southbound not much trouble, just a couple of brake lights to the beltway. as far as accidents, york road. now taking a look at speeds on the beltway, the slowest spot from 95 to 795, 30 miles per hour. you can see here congestion is building.
4:38 pm
they say you can't win if you can't play the lottery. a woman got a surprise of a lifetime when you found out she won one million dollars and she won't spend much on herself. >> reporter: meet maryland's newest millionaire >> i can't believe it. oh, my gosh, thank you, god. >> reporter: she sent in her ticket and and hers were pick. >> i say a million dollars, i'm going to buy me a couple of scratchoffs. >> we love when we have winners, especially big winners and a mill whereon dollars is a big win. >> after taxes she still takes
4:39 pm
home a good 650,000 dollars. as a single mom with a daughter in college, a son about to go to college and a young one disabled >> my plan so get my son through college and help my daughter and take care of james and make sure he receives the care that he needs. >> and sharing the good news is half the fun. what you think? >> you won? >> heck, yeah, baby. >> there was hardly a dry eye in the crowd they say they couldn't see a better winner. >> my children are the best, but this is the second best thing. >> she will use some of the money to pay for college classes for her nursing degree. >> that's wonderful. a police officer pushes a woman to the ground, what the
4:40 pm
video did not catch >> trapped in fast-moving waters. >> heavy rains moving into the area. bob has your first-warning forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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libya aide ship gets an warning. drop the items off, they refused. they hope to deliver it themselves. this is after the commandos killed 9 activists. a state of ohio executed a man today responsible for the deaths of five children. he was lethally inject. he purposely set a fire, after
4:44 pm
throwing a lit match on to the couch, he say he thought the children would escape he's the 39 person in the state to be executed since 1999 a police officer is back to work after a controversial push caught on tape mary has details >> the officer paul stevens was trying to break up a fight between two women when things escalated. the officer shoved the woman to the ground. she was fighting with another woman outside of a nightclub. at the time the department suspended him for unnecessary force. they now find it did not violate department policy and he will be reassigned to a desk job and receive back pay the teen dubbed the
4:45 pm
barefoot bandit pleads guilty in the bahamas today. he is expected to be deported soon to the u.s. to face prosecution. the barefoot bandit was wearing shoes taken out of the courtroom in the bahamas. authorities expected to escort him to the u.s. police say he crash landed a stolen plane last week. he's accused of breaking into 7 homes and businesses in the bahamas, but officials decided not to prosecute and instead hand him over to authorities. he escape to the washington state halfway house and started committing crimes
4:46 pm
>> they chase him down and they shot the motors out on the boat and and rehanded him >> they was taken into custody barefoot. the mother was happy to find out her son wasn't hurt >> he is safe and i'm happy and i love him and i miss him. >> federal authorities say he will be taken to florida and flown to washington state where his crime spree started. >> the extradition process could take two to three weeks >> a teenager recovering after having his arm bitten off by a alligator. he slipped in and fell a canal. the gator grabbed him and pulled him under water. the friends called 9-1-1, but the teen called his mother. >> -- were you able to get the
4:47 pm
arm or did the gator take snit >> the gator was captured with the arm inside of its stomach. it was too late to salvage his hand a dramatic scene, a man lifted to safety after he was trapped by the fast-moving waters of a creek. he hung onto a railroad support until they got to him. he's said to be uninjure and no word on how he became trapped >> there's a recall of girls' jewelry. hey are sold at preteen national chains like limited too and justice thvment -- this is the sixth recall since june the stand up to cancer
4:48 pm
telethon. fox will join cbs in a commercial-free hour of prime time tv for the telethon. katie couric, brian williams will host. the stand up to cancer started in 2008. the criminal investigation behind the mel gibson audio tape. the latest from hollywood >> coming up, our mel gibson investigation. new awe -- audio tapes today. >> i can't do anything and i walk on egg shells always with you. >> he is going to be assured that those tapes will be in front of investigators to determine if there's a viable
4:49 pm
case against him. >> the allegations of abuse against the mother of his baby is in the hands of the sheriff's department >> may take a month or more. but at the end of the day, we will present what we have to the district attorney's office >> who is she? we will have a report, that and more coming up later here on entertainment tonight. that's at 7:30. there's a new sport taking india. it's like a giant hamster ball. people get inside and roll down a hill. it started in new zealand but is popular in places like india because you can enjoy the view as we roll. the ball can reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour but they say it's safe. how can you see? >> i would be too nauseous to
4:50 pm
enjoy a view. a second look at the thunderstorms. >> bob turk has your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
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now, first warning of severe weather. taking a look outside, it looks calm now but not going to stay that way bob tells us. later on tonight, showers, thunderstorms, heavy downpours, looking at radar, we have a batch of activity. west virginia; it's moving towards our region at 25 miles per hour. a lot of rain in garrett county. >> all of the activity is moving
4:54 pm
towards the region. 86, humidity is up, 58%. the dew point is 70. 82 ocean city. it's raining there, 81 in cumberland. it's not that hot, but it is very humid with a dew point at 70 degrees. do have a flash flood watch in effect. many of these areas saw 1-2 inches of rain today. the water is high and if we get one to two inches, there could be some quick flash flooding. watch out for that and further west, we have some severe warnings going on. winds out of the south keeping us in the warm, moist flow. one system gave us the heavier rain, boy, it was coming down. we're in the lull zone but the next system moving through, here it comes, a lot of it will pass to the northwest, that's the
4:55 pm
first batch this evening. have a bit of a break tonight. maybe 11:00 to midnight. more showers and heavier thunderstorms. humid conditions stay with us, may get dryer. still very, very warm. by thursday, another system friday night and saturday, another chance of scattered showers and storms. north winds, some rain, thunderstorms, could be heavy at times 73 and then tomorrow, humid, mid to upper 80s, sun and a couple of thunderstorms once again. and temperatures with sticky conditions >> okay. thank you. >> still to come. >> keeping their faith. i'm mike reporting from pennsylvania. home of the missionary group that a maryland teenager traveled to uganda with and injured in a terrorist bombing we have the latest on her condition and the out pouring of ,,,,,,
4:56 pm
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coming up next on wjz eyewitness news at pie:00 -- 5:00. giving back in uganda. wjz has complete coverage of her survival. storms around maryland. a flood watch set to go into effect. wjz is live with first warning weather. i'm derek valcourt at the funeral for a young high school basketball star whose family tried but failed to help him escape the very streets that he himself called the war zone. that story coming up on eyewitness news. a sports icon is on. baseball and the world remembers george steinbrenner. >> check in for these stories and all the breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00
4:59 pm
starts now. a survivor story. a maryland toon trying to -- teen, trying to help others struggling in uganda. >> tonight, members of the church talk about the girl's passion for giving. >> here's what people are talking about. emily kerstetter is set to have surgery on her leg tonight in africa. the 16-year-old was set to return to maryland days before, but she wanted to stay longer and help people. wjz has coverage of the attack. mike hellgren has the information at the church that organized emily's trip. >> re

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